• Basics

  • How is Homads different from other rental and listing sites?

    The biggest difference between Homads and other rental sites is that we specialize in rentals of 30 days or more.

  • Why should I rent out my home for 30 days versus short term?

    Homads is here for you when you decide to leave for the summer or take extended trips! You maintain a stable
    income and still have access to your property after their stay. You also avoid hefty hotel taxes (9% in Austin, 6% Texas
    hotel tax plus $285/year for your license). That's a large amount of taxes before you even think about your income
    taxes at the end of the year!

  • Why should I use Homads to find a home?

    Our marketplace reflects more realistic pricing for a month to month or more stay. It doesn't make much sense
    for our homeowners who rent out short term to lower their price if you stay long term. Therefore, many rental sites
    provide options for monthly stays but are well over the affordable range. By limiting our listings to only 30 days
    or more, we provide a more competitive market. No more overpaying when life's emergencies hit.

  • What fees are involved in using Homads?

    Unlike many listing sites, we do not charge a monthly fee. Therefore there is no risk in lisiting your place.
    You can always try it out and test the market.

    Once we find the right match, we charge a 3.0% (this covers the credit card transaction) when rent is paid.